How Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Can Bring You Closer To Your Dreams

There’s a famous quote that goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” And it’s famous because it’s true. If you continue living your life in your special bubble, then you’re not actually living life like it’s meant to be lived.

Sure, you’re comfortable, but you’re just going through life’s motions. You’re not doing anything special. Worst of all, you’re not doing anything to accomplish your goals and dreams in life (and don’t lie, we all have dreams).

Our dreams excite us, they breathe new life into our existence. If your dream is big enough, if you want it badly enough, then it will take you far away from your comfort zone. It will take you to uncomfortable and unknown places. Maybe you’ll be scared at first, and that’s okay.

It’s normal to be scared of the unknown. But sooner or later, the unknown will become known, and you’ll find there are lots of new things, new ideas, and new adventures waiting for you behind your comfort zone. It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Ask yourself, does your life inside your comfort zone ever feel exciting? I bet not. Because comfort zones are far from exciting. In fact, they are the exact opposite of exciting.

Your dreams are exciting, so you don’t bury it in a boring place. Instead, you bring it over to the other side, you let your dreams and your passion show you the path towards your eventual success.

It’s okay to hide in our comfort zones for short periods of time. We all need breaks too. However, if you stay too long in your comfort zone, then it drains the life out of you, and you start living a monotonous life.

If you were watching your life on TV, you’d be watching it in black and white, on mute. That’s how boring it is. It will literally drive you to tears.

On the flip side, when you view your life outside of your comfort zone, it will literally be popping in color and, of course, it will have the volume on full blast!

Dreams aren’t meant to be stuffed inside comfort zones. They are meant to be chased, they are meant to be accomplished, they are meant to excite you so you can live a more interesting life!

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