Road LESS Walked - Comfort Zone

3 Signs You’re Far Too Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

We’re supposed to be comfortable in our comfort zones – it’s called comfort, after all. But when it becomes too comfortable in there, the tendency is to just get stuck in there. Let the world burn for all you care, you’ll be snug and safe in your comfort zone.

Here are some signs you need to be aware of so you don’t get too comfy in your comfort zone.

1. You don’t want to try out new things – Indicating You Are Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

You’ve crossed off the word ‘adventure’ in your dictionary.
You’re practically living your life by routine alone – you don’t deviate and you’ve no wish to.
You’re perfectly happy with the way things are, and you’re ignoring whatever’s going on around you.
You’re stuck in your comfort zone, and you don’t want to entertain the thought of doing something new because it scares you.
You’d rather be in your safe zone than be somewhere fun and exciting where you can possibly hurt yourself.
You’re afraid of experiencing something totally unknown and foreign, and you wouldn’t know how to react to it.
When you feel these things, then you’ve become far too comfortable in your comfort zone, and it’s turned into your prison.

Road LESS Walked - Comfort Zone

2. You’re always procrastinating – Indicating You Are Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

You’re always thinking, it’s not the right time yet. You don’t want to start working on your goals because the right time or the right opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet.

But when exactly is the right time? Or is there ever a right time? When you’re a serial procrastinator, no time is ever right.

You keep postponing the important things in your life because you’re afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You’d rather chill in bed than take action on your goals.

3. You’re letting opportunity after opportunity pass you by – Indicating You Are Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

You’re getting bombarded with opportunities other people would kill for, but you’re letting everything pass you by.

You’ve no interest in doing anything that will take you far away from your comfort zone. Or if you’re interested, it’s not enough to motivate you to take a leap of faith and jump into an exciting new opportunity.

You may be afraid of failing or succeeding. Either way, both are going to change your life. So you don’t entertain those life-changing opportunities. You’d rather be safe and boring than exciting and successful!

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