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5 Ways To Push the Boundaries To See How Far You Can Go

The world is big, full of both good and bad things. If you choose to look at it positively, you’ll see opportunities everywhere. If you want to take advantage of those opportunities, you simply have to push your boundaries to see how far you can go!

1. Take that first step – Push the Boundaries

It’s always the first step that’s the hardest. Just like babies learning to walk, you’re going to stumble and fall the first few times. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the learning experience. The more you fall, the more you get to know the landscape. On your next attempts, you’ll finally get the hang of it!

2. Volunteer – Push the Boundaries

Volunteering to do something you’ve never done before is a great way to test your boundaries. You’ll be able to know more about yourself and what you’re capable of. You’ll even pick up a thing or two. So, if you’ve never tried volunteering before, how about you go and give it a try? You may find yourself liking the task or the project, and it may open up new opportunities for you.

3. Don’t choose a safe option – Push the Boundaries

When you’re faced with quite a few options in life, you don’t want to make the safest choice. If you do, then you’re not going to be able to test your boundaries. If you’re just going to be doing tasks that still fall within your area of expertise, then you’re not going to learn anything new. Don’t be afraid to try radical things or learn non-conventional skills. Whatever you choose to do, always try to learn something from it.

Road LESS Walked - Comfort Zone, Push the Boundaries

4. Start saying ‘yes’ – Push the Boundaries

Saying ‘yes’ can open so many doors for you. If someone offers you a wonderful opportunity and it gives you the chance to push your boundaries, then don’t be afraid to say ‘yes!’

Give yourself a chance. It’s normal to feel scared. But let the excitement run through you as well! Let your excitement consume you and erase all your fears.

5. Challenge Yourself – Push the Boundaries

When you’ve been doing the same things and going to the same places with the same people, then you’re probably stuck in your comfort zone. If you’re tired of it and you’re finally ready to see how far you can go, then don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. To make it even more fun and exciting, have a reward system in place!

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